Your January 2015 Reset Guide

The holidays can leave many of us feeling sluggish, bloated, and off kilter. Cleansing, dieting and exercise are on the upswing in search for balance. The body likes your rekindled attention, but when temperatures are near or below freezing, the idea of a juice cleanse may not seem all that appealing. Fortunately, there are other ways to reset your body and increase your energy.

Instead of juicing, experiment with a soup cleanse for a day or two. Have soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make sure the soups are broth based (no cream or dairy) and substitute animal protein with plant based proteins, like bean or lentils. note that, root vegetables puréed in a blender after the soup has simmered, will create a thicker base soup satiating any appetite. Avoid any bread with your soup while you’re cleansing. This month’s recipe is a Warm Detox Veggie Soup, which is the best one I have made so far! It’s loaded with root vegetables and cleansing greens that are puréed after simmering and flavored with spices like paprika, cinnamon, and cayenne to help increase metabolism and keep you feeling fuller longer. If you don’t care to make soup, you can always pick it up at you favorite grocer or restaurant. After your cleanse, avoid processed foods and refined sugars. Focus on eating whole foods, fresh vegetables, whole grains and consider adding some plant based proteins like beans and legumes to your diet along with organic animal protein, if you eat it. Minimize dairy and drink lots of water daily! (At least half your body weight in ounces).

For those of you needing to sink your teeth into something more substantial, you might consider a whole grains cleanse. That’s right, eat warm whole grains grains for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whole grains are an important part of the diet because they are rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, all which help keep us energized and fuller for a longer period of time. Warm oatmeal or some left over rice in the morning, drizzled with a little organic raw honey or maple syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon & slivered almonds can fill the void of that fat laden scone. For lunch, try quinoa with some marinated artichokes, kalamata olives, & sundried tomatoes drizzled with red wine vinegar. For dinner, try wild rice with stir-fry veggies or roasted veggies. (For those suffering from digestive issues, check out my elimination cleanse: “Cleanse Your Way to Healthy Eating”). After the cleanse, follow the same suggestions listed in previous paragraph.

Exercise must be a part of your life, as the body needs movement to stay healthy. If you’re not in this mind frame, perhaps it’s time for change. I encourage people to do some kind of aerobic exercise such as walking quickly, running, biking, dancing, swimming or boxing along with movement like yoga, or Thai chi. It’s a good balance for the body.

Another healing alternative is the Infrared Sauna. We are proud to announce that BalancingEnergy Health and Yoga Center is listed on Gwyneth Paltrow’s as a favorite spot for Infrared Sauna in Dallas. To learn more about the healing and detoxification benefits of the Infrared Sauna, click here.

This is a powerful time to manifest your dreams so BE the change by starting something good for yourself. You are worth it!

If you would additional guidance and support on your journey towards better health, send me an email at I have different programs available based on your individual needs. I will also be offering an affordable 1 month online program, which will help increase your energy and get you started on the path to a healthy, happier and more energized you!

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