Tips & FAQ

If there are any additional questions you may have, please call 214.749.4744. We are welcome to help you with anything!

  Can you use the Infrared Sauna every day?

Yes you can, it all just depends on how your body reacts to the heat and how you feel before and after each session. You want to make sure to drink a lot of water after your session because the heat will cause you to sweat a lot and may dehydrate your body.

  Is there anything I need to bring when using the Infrared Sauna?

You may want to bring a book or iPOD to use while in the sauna. Besides that, I would only suggest bringing water because there are towels provided. Make sure to drink a lot of water before your appointment so you’re fully hydrated and bring water with you during your session.

  Is the Vinyassa Flow yoga class open to all levels?

Yes, this is an all-level yoga class that allows each person the option of modifications and/or intensifications based on your practice.

  If I don’t have my own yoga mat, are there mats at the studio that I can use?

Yes and free of charge.

  What temperature does the room reach during a yoga class?

The room will reach a temperature ranging from around 85-90 degrees. Make sure to bring water…and if you forget we sell bottles for only $1!

  Why should I do yoga?

Yoga is an excellent choice because it is not only a physical exercise but also a mental practice. Yoga allows you to completely relax your mind and forget about any problems, stress, or clutter in your head. You will leave each class feeling calm, peaceful, and strong.