“Feeling the strong need for a consistent and thorough workout, I have tried many exercise programs.  I never understood why people were so passionate about yoga; my random experiences were less than pleasing and certainly intimidating. I stumbled upon this jewel somehow and tried one class. Intrigued by the small class size, welcomed warmly by the staff by name, the faint smell of healing sage, soothing music, no mirrors to echo my overweight body and with a teacher’s voice that was melodic and encouraging, I was intrigued.

I signed up for 30 days for $30 and attended as many as possible to see if this was a fit. It was and is. In under 90 days I have lost over 15 lbs, lost all cravings for alcohol, sugar and junk food, and stopped anti-anxiety medication. I cannot emphasize enough what this studio, its philosophy and teachers have done for me as a part of my daily health routine.

Thank you BalancingEnergy, from my heart to yours. Namaste.”


“One of my best days was walking through your doors for the first time! Best decision I’ve ever made! I “had” a weak lower back that doing anything strenuous would pinch that right or left nerve! After almost a year of core strengthening, my back does not bother AT ALL!!!  I Love It!!!! Your classes are challenging and fun with phenomenal results! Thank you Lisa & your staff!”

-Liz L.

“I had recently become more serious about running and I was told to look into yoga classes as a way to stretch and lengthen muscles. I found Balancing Energy through a Groupon and especially enjoyed the Sunday afternoon Stretch and Restore class. Prior to running, I had been feeling lethargic with low energy. I ate a lot of junk food due to my busy schedule and my impatience with attempting to learn how to cook complicated dishes. Running helped somewhat with my energy level, but I still felt very tired by the end of the day. In addition, I would feel “hangry” at times and people would comment on this. When I ate, I thought it was normal to have a “food baby” where my stomach would bulge out.  I also thought that it was normal for my body to not move bowels until every third day or so. I convinced myself that I just had a “slow transit time”. 

Towards the end of my Groupon trial, I overheard one of Lisa’s students mention the nutrition sessions that Lisa offers. I figured that I should go ahead and look into having a coach for nutrition since I knew that changing my diet was the next step that I needed for transformation. I had a coach for running and yoga, so it made sense to have a coach to help guide me on my journey to feed my body with more nutritious options than burgers and fries. 

I signed up for the 6-month program because I knew that I had a lot of work to do. I had been eating poorly my whole life and the few times I did try to change on my own, I quickly went back to my old habits. Lisa taught me about food, my attitude and physiologic response to food, gave me easy recipes that I could prepare, and even went shopping with me to help me choose foods that I would actually enjoy. She frequently brought samples to our session that I could try and introduced me to cleansing. I had never even heard of some of these foods and now they are a part of my diet. The program even included 2 yoga classes a week. 

I learned so much about myself and noticed increased energy, which spilled into other areas of my life. I now try to fuel my body with food that still tastes great instead of dumping food into my body that makes me feel tired and uncomfortable.  Others have commented on my glowing skin, and I have noticed physical changes in my body.  Lisa offers several options, but I would highly recommend the 6-month option to those who know that they need a lot of guidance to change habits that have been difficult to change. You are well worth the investment and the tools that you learn can be applied for the rest of your life.”


“I am not over-weight and I work out regularly, but I needed that extra boost in my life.  Before working with Lisa, I had no desire to cook so I ate out a lot, I was scared of the grocery store, and noticed I had issues with certain foods but never did anything about it. Lisa has helped me learn what foods to eat so I feel better overall and what foods I should avoid. She provided me with a shopping tour and many, many amazing recipes! I have found myself cooking multiple times a week and I’ve even lost a few pounds! Everything I have learned has been so helpful and now I will have that knowledge for the rest of my life.”


Before Lisa’s Cleanse Your Way to Healthy Eating 7-Day Cleanse, I felt heavy, bogged down, tired, and just plain bored with food in general. AFTER…(actually only a day or so into the cleanse) I felt energized, light, my body was in tune again. I felt happy and satisfied. I looked forward to each meal and to each different day. My unhealthy cravings subsided almost immediately and I found myself with different types of cravings, GOOD ones! I learned that I could change, that I could enjoy eating nutritious food and not feel deprived, my eyes had been truly opened. I would say that I feel like a new person, but really, I feel like ME, like I am now balanced, centered, and in harmony, through and through. This cleanse changed my life, truly. I pay attention to what I’m putting into my mouth, not because of how it tastes or because of how I think it will be satisfying…but because I want to lovingly and mindfully, nourish my body, it’s the only one I have!!

-Lisa S.

I have 3 different forms of arthritis. Pain, for me, comes in the form of flare-ups, each flare leaving more joint damage & less range of motion. My chiropractor recommended infrared heat, and only after a couple of infrared sauna sessions, my joints have loosened that I didn’t realize were stiff & my knee is much better. After 6 sessions, I could almost make a fist. Now I can wear my wedding ring for the first time in years.

-Jamie P.

During my program, I lost 14 pounds, my skin has a healthy glow, I have more energy and strength, and I am no longer a stress-eater! BalancingEnergy helped change my focus from the end goal to the journey. Whenever I fell short of my own expectations, Lisa would always remind me of how far I’d come. I’m excited and my life is much more balanced.

-Dena M.

Before working with Lisa, I was in an eating rut and hadn’t exercised in several months. I’ve dieted successfully in the past and consider myself very knowledgeable on healthy eating, but applying what I know was always a struggle, which is why I was drawn to Lisa’s 5-week plan. In just a few weeks my candy cravings have diminished, I’m not as hungry, I prefer nutritionally dense meals, and my old pants fit again. This was the first time I’ve participated in some type of eating program where I talked to someone. That, along with journaling how what I was eating made me feel and making the effort to cook more, was key in helping me make that mental shift toward food. The recipes she provides are delicious and easy to make. After the program has ended, I’m still at peace with food and am happy I’ve found a way that works for me.

-Sara L.

The 30-day challenge was just what I needed to enliven and strengthen my practice. While I was a bit intimidated at the onset, after the first week I found myself naturally falling into a sustainable routine. After the second week, I started to feel stronger and more flexible. At the close of the challenge, I found myself stronger, more toned and with a higher overall energy level. I’m definitely going to continue my practice at this pace. With as good as I feel now, why I would I want to stop? Thanks again Lisa!

-Lori N.

Lisa is a wonderful, nurturing, and very knowledgeable yoga instructor; she is one of the best in the metroplex.  I have always been very physically active, but over the past few years my eating habits had slipped into more bad habits than good. I was sick of being overweight and I had the opportunity to try Lisa’s accelerated 5 week nutritional counseling program.  I have never had one-on-one nutritional counseling so was not sure what to expect.  The sessions have been very helpful.  I’ve learned a lot about how my body and my mind react to food, exercise and stress from the food diary I kept during the sessions.  Lisa’s support, helpful suggestions and recipes helped me stick with my goals all while managing work, family, etc.
I’ve lost around 18 pounds in total and I am totally enjoying the food – healthy food can be yummy too!  I would recommend Lisa as a nutritional counselor for anyone trying to improve their health and fitness.  The accelerated program is perfect for active people who perhaps just need a short-term guide to healthy choices.

-Donna H.