Lisa Breitenwischer

Teacher PhotoI first began practicing yoga off and on back in the 80’s, watching Steve Ross on TV and doing Bryan Kest videos with my sister in her basement, but never considered myself a true “yogi”. At the time, I had a strong passion for running and enjoyed participating in 5K and 10K races, and even ran a half marathon before I decided to trade in my running shoes for bare feet and a yoga mat in November 2005. After several months of practicing yoga multiple times a week, I found my muscles getting leaner, longer and stronger and my mind becoming calmer and more focused. What initially began as a way of staying healthy and fit, soon evolved into a passion I wanted to share with others. In December 2006, I received my 200hr Certification in Power/Vinyasa Yoga. Since then, I have studied under many wonderful guru’s to attain 500 hrs of training,; learning meditation techniques from Rod Stryker, Core Strengthening exercises from Sadie Nardini and Bhakti Flow the Yoga of Love and Devotion from Rusty Wells. My classes may be challenging, but assessable to all. Through my classes, you will become empowered in all aspects of your life and learn you can utilize the breath to overcome any stressful situation. Furthermore, you will find the opportunity to challenge yourself, sweat out toxins and find stillness, balance and energy within to open up your heart and leave you with overflowing bliss.  

  Alexandra Grimm

Teacher PhotoAlexandra first found her passion for movement as a young girl through dance. While attending the University of Texas at Arlington, she discovered her love for yoga & began to teach informal classes to her friends, sharing her passion & admiration for the yoga practice & lifestyle. Vinyansana flow & practice has been a part of Alexandra's creative outlet & infatuation. Practicing under Kurt Johnson at American Power Yoga, she received her 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher certification in December of 2011.

  Sonia Azad

Teacher Photo

Sonia has practiced yoga for more than 12 years. Her introduction came during her time in the dance department at The University of Texas at Austin.  Since then, Sonia has practiced various types of yoga around the world—from Nicaragua, to France, Mexico and The Netherlands.  Sonia’s commitment to teaching came at the encouragement of her own teacher. She is proud to have been a part of Larry Thraen's 200-Hr 'Yoga of You' teacher training at Joy Yoga.  She is a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200) through Yoga Alliance.

Yoga has been the perfect balance to Sonia's intense work as the Health & Medical reporter for Channel 8, WFAA-TV in Dallas. As an instructor, she strives to help other people recognize their own strength and enhance their flexbility -- on and off the mat. After all, how you move in yoga is how you move through life. She believes that through a consistent practice, students can learn to live with more presence, patience, gratitude and courage. Letting go of fear, indecision and that which no longer serves us-- are among the themes Sonia weaves into her classes.

  Stephanie Young

Teacher Photo Light your candle and enjoy it's flame - see the beauty. Know the obstacles have been truly cleared - find the sweet things of life. Celebration to the little things. Be warm - always find comfort in your path. Let time be your strength - if necessary, make changes as soon as possible. Know that you are loved and I am here for Your Yoga Journey today and always. I have been trained by the renowned Baron Baptiste.

  Bonnie Harris

Teacher PhotoBonnie Harris was born in Miami, Florida and raised in Dallas Texas. Growing up in the Dallas area, Bonnie lived with her loving and supportive parents and sister. Throughout her life, Bonnie spent her summers on the New Hampshire seacoast with her immediate and extended family. All of this personal history instilled the lasting values of unconditional love,family traditions and a love of the ocean. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A., Bonnie was undecided about a specific career path. Upon her return to Dallas, she attended her first hot yoga class. Bonnie was immediately amazed and motivated by the intensity of the yoga workout and the potential for her to to have a career in wellness and fitness through yoga. Yoga instantly felt real, natural, and empowering. She quickly enrolled in, and successfully completed, a stringent 500 hour yoga teacher certification training. For the past 7 years, Bonnie's professional and personal priorities have centered around yoga and fitness to achieve a better quality of life. One posture at a time, she found her passion in teaching and daily practicing. Bonnie truly believes that " a STRONG BODY = a STRONG MIND. In order to provide the most positive experience for her students, she embraces the opportunity to meet and better understand each individual and their goals. Bonnie is truly inspired and honored to witness the most authentic and unique transformations, daily struggles, challenges and absolute real life changes that occur in the room. " we show up, burn brightly, live passionately, hold nothing back, and when the moment is over, when our work is done, we step back and let go.“ - Rolf Gates

  Laura Camuel

Teacher Photo A former professional dancer, Laura began practicing yoga more than 20 years ago as a way to supplement her dance training. After retiring from the stage she took an extended break from the mat and the studio but eventually found her way back to the practice and lifestyle of yoga. She believes that the link between breath and movement has a healing effect on the individual body and spirit, as well as the collective whole, and that the art of yoga allows you to understand your limits, expand your boundaries, and to embrace who you truly are. Laura completed her 200 hour teacher training certification in the summer of 2019. 

  Mitch Lazorko

Teacher Photo Mitch was first exposed to yoga in 2007. As a touring musician, yoga was a great way to get exercise while on the road. In 2013 he made health and fitness a much bigger priority in his life. We are only given one life and he decided he wanted to live the best life he can. In 2017 he made the decision to become a yoga instructor so that he could share it with others. Yoga has been a big part of his journey toward better health and well-being, both physically and mentally. It has taught him the importance of mindfulness, compassion, and gratitude. His goal as an instructor is to make yoga accessible everyone. He has a passion for helping students to better understand poses and alignment. Being a musician, he produces all the music that he plays in his classes. His wife Jen and him have several cats that they love dearly. He also enjoys powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, running, and living a vegan lifestyle.