I had a heart attack in October of 2017 which resulted in a quadruple bypass surgery and luckily lived through it. I thought I was on the right track with the exercise but within  three years I had more blockage which required a stent to be inserted into one of my major heart valves.  I asked the cardiologist for help in keeping my heart clean (what will end this) and thier answer was, lower your LDL to 50 which required major food changes.

I had been stealing food recipes from Lisa Breitenwischer’s BalancingEnergy Health and Yoga website and knew that Lisa was a Health Coach, so I called her for help.  She had a nutrition program that was three months long. Lisa knows everyone is different and customizes her offerings for each person.  After a questionnaire on my weight, eating habits, weight goals for the future and desire for healthy life style, she came up with a plan to teach me how to get there.  There was the daily food log, monthly meetings on how do you feel, understanding proteins, carbs, sugars, fiber, fats and how it all affects your weight, moods, cravings and reactions to certain things we eat without thinking.  She explained things to me that were obvious to a Nutritional Health Coach, but foreign to me.  She had me eating things I did not know existed that I now really enjoy.  She taught me to listen to my body and what it wanted and did not want.

She helped me remove 15 pounds of weight from my frame.  But most of all, she taught me how to eat in the future so I can enjoy my life with stents in the past. I no longer have an appetite for bacon, sausage, cheesy Mexican foods etc., and have no need for sugar.  Comparing my lab results, before and after the three month program with Lisa, my LDL Cholesterol value went down to 51 from 63, and my good Cholesterol had gone up from 46 to 55.  This is an amazing change for a person with a heart problem. Now that to me, is progress.