Feeling Stressed? Join the Group.

Confessions of a Health Coach #2

By Lisa Breitenwischer, CHHC, AADP, ERYT 500

Additional stress can be expected with the holidays, but I’ve been feeling more stress this year than usual and wondered if other people were, too? My research substantiated my gut feeling that I wasn’t alone in this stress fest, but I was surprised to learn that Stress in America was becoming a health crisis—in 2010! Way before the 2016 election, so we can only deduct it’s worse now. Here’s an excerpt from the shrinks at the American Psychological Association website:

 “Stress in America—from the APA’s 2010 Stress… Read More

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Feeling Bloated? It Happens to the Best of Us!

Confessions of a Health Coach: by Lisa Breitenwischer, CHHC, AADP, ERYT 500

The other day, much to my chagrin, I was inflicted with a bloated belly that had me feeling miserable. It had been quite some time since experiencing such discomfort and I wanted to rectify the situation, sooner then later.  I typed in my search engine “best foods to de-bloat quickly” and within seconds popped up: ginger, turmeric, pepper, yogurt, bananas, lemons and coconut water. I paused for a second and thought “interesting…all of these foods are ingredients that I use in my morning smoothie.” For the past several… Read More

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Entering Pitta Season…are You Feeling the Heat?

by Lisa Breitenwischer, CHHC, AADP, ERYT 500

Ayurveda is the health system of ancient India and considered the world’s oldest medicine dating back to 3000 years. It’s a prescription for healthy living tailored to the individuals constitution, unique characteristics, needs, age and environment.
Each of us has a unique proportion of the three doshas (body type or humour) in our prakritis (the unique constitution at the time of conception). Ayurveda teaches us that if a dosha increases beyond its original, natural proportion for us, it creates an environment where disease can flourish.

It’s common for our predominant dosha (vata, pitta, or kapha)Read More

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Obesity, A Worldwide Epidemic: USA the Fattest

by Lisa Breitenwischer, CHHC, AADP, ERYT 500

U.S. adults continue to put on the pounds and new data reported by Federal Health Officials on March 23, 2018 show that nearly 40% of them were obese in 2015 and 2016, a sharp increase from a decade earlier. The prevalence of severe obesity in U.S. adults is heightening their risks of developing heart disease, diabetes and various cancers.

Obesity isn’t a secret in the U.S., but the continued domestic epidemic, especially after the former Obama administration declared war on it, is alarming officials. Public health experts said that efforts to educate people about… Read More

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Digestive Enzymes – Why You Need Them

by Lisa Breitenwischer, CHHC, AADP, ERYT 500

I used to think that having indigestion after a meal was normal until I learned it was not. When the gut microbes are out of balance due to stress, poor diet,or environmental pollutants, it can create congestion in the liver, gallbladder, bile and pancreatic enzyme ducts.

My teacher Dr. John Doulliard says “Due to congested bile ducts, the small intestine may not receive its delivery of the bile and enzymes it requested to complete the digestive process. The intestines often send another message to send more bile and more pancreatic enzymes further… Read More

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