My Favorite Green Superfood Powder

by Emy Breitenwischer, B.S. in Food Science & Nutrition, Concentration in Dietetics

With a fluctuating schedule, sometimes I find it hard to consume greens every day, which can leave me feeling lethargic, sluggish or unmotivated. When I find myself in a pinch of on the go, I aim for green juices or green super food mix ins.

I’ve tried various powders before, such as Amazing Grass, and a variety of green juices from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or juice bars. I recently came across a new superfood power (thanks to Birchbox) that I fell in love with, Hum: Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder

This green powder has a mint chocolate chip infusion, which helps to mask the grassy, marine taste of all the greens. One scoop (equivalent to one serving) contains a blend of nourishing goodies:

  • Organic Green Superfoods: barley grass, wheat grass, Spirulina, chlorella , Alfalfa grass juice
  • Adaptogens for energy: ginseng root powder, ashwagandha root powder, Rhodieloa Roasea root powder, Licorice root powder
  • Fruits & veggies: blueberry powder, broccoli powder, spinach, kale, carrot, ginger, beet root
  • Fiber Blend: Apple pectic, inulin, organic flax seed powder
  • Antioxidant Beauty Blend: Alkalinzed cocao, organic acai powder, organic goji powder, organic moringa powder, matcha green tea, grape seed extract
  • Probiotics: 3.5 billion CFU blend
  • Digestive Enzymes

There are no artificial flavors and one serving is only 25 calories. This isn’t your typical green superfood powder because it has a very smooth taste and the mint chocolate flavor cuts that marine-grass taste. I’ve been using this powder for a month now and find that it’s satiating, my complexion is improving, my energy has improved, and my nails are growing quickly and strong. The digestive enzymes and probiotics also help with digestion and stomach issues, such as gas, bloating, etc. This supplement is easy to fit into your daily routine and you’ll find yourself craving it because it makes you feel so good!

Now how to drink it? It’s a great addition to your protein shake or with 8oz of unsweetened almond milk (you could even add a little protein powder for a more filling snack). I personally love drinking it with about 6oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 2oz of coconut water for a mid-afternoon snack and boost.

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