Monthly Energy Update: Aquarius

January 20 – February 18

“Aquarius” is a mental energy that brings talents for mental reasoning and problem solving. It works through the mind to analyze situations and find creative ways to solve difficulties. It is also the energy of technology and science. In past eras “Aquarius” was the energy of alchemists, wizards, shamans, physicians and scientists.

The highest purpose of the “Aquarius” energy is to perform service on a global level. “Aquarius” is the energy of “causes.” It is the energy that enables service groups to devise solutions to world problems, such as global warming, poverty, and hunger. The job of the “Aquarius” energy is to pool the work of various service groups to arrive at solutions to major world issues.

Potential challenges

Because “Aquarius” is concerned with mental skills, a potential side effect is that people may ignore their emotions and relationships. If someone has not balanced the “Aquarius” energy, he or she may exhibit emotional coldness that comes across as uncaring. This, then, is the time to pay attention to the people in our lives by showing compassion and giving them our support.

Another potential challenge of “Aquarius” energy is a tendency toward harsh criticism of self, others, or both. Therefore, resist any urge to beat ourselves up with negative messages. Instead, let’s use our excellent mental talents to move us forward on our spiritual path up the mountain.

Each of us has a reason for being born. People who are not in touch with their life purpose report feelings like boredom or hopelessness, or may spend their time creating and solving a string of crises. Once a person connects with his or her mission, it is easier to set and achieve goals. To learn more about an individual Life Purpose session, email Toby or through her website.

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