“Tom and I LOVE the ‘7-Day Earth Cleanse’!!! First & foremost, you did 99.9% of the work for us, as our biggest problem with diets or cleanses is the thought process of what are we going to eat, when and how! You gave us the menu, recipes (with some ingredients – where to purchase), the grocery list & even snacks. THANK YOU!

Hubby and I started this with the attitude that we can do anything for a week! And – we did! SO — the result of this cleanse and exercise was we both lost 2 sizes!

Also, this cleanse has changed our way of eating. We realized that preservatives, added sugars, artificial ingredients etc. are so bad for you. I reallllly hate saying this, but sugar especially is our enemy! BUT — I do have to (occasionally) have that scoop of ice cream or piece of cake! Since we both work, we kept using some of these recipes during the week and also keep drinking ‘the dirt’!”