Before Lisa’s Cleanse Your Way to Healthy Eating 7-Day Cleanse, I felt heavy, bogged down, tired, and just plain bored with food in general. AFTER…(actually only a day or so into the cleanse) I felt energized, light, my body was in tune again. I felt happy and satisfied. I looked forward to each meal and to each different day. My unhealthy cravings subsided almost immediately and I found myself with different types of cravings, GOOD ones! I learned that I could change, that I could enjoy eating nutritious food and not feel deprived, my eyes had been truly opened. I would say that I feel like a new person, but really, I feel like ME, like I am now balanced, centered, and in harmony, through and through. This cleanse changed my life, truly. I pay attention to what I’m putting into my mouth, not because of how it tastes or because of how I think it will be satisfying…but because I want to lovingly and mindfully, nourish my body, it’s the only one I have!!

-Lisa S.