Isotonix Vitamins


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I’ve never been a big supplement taker, only because I never felt they did much for me and I always forgot to take them. That was all before I tried Isotonix Daily Essentials Kit. I felt a difference immediately after taking these vitamins! I look forward to taking them every morning because I know I’m going to feel good all throughout the day with no afternoon slump and I’m actually absorbing the vitamin and nutrients.

So what makes this brand so different, you might ask? Isotonix products come in a powder form and, when mixed with water, become isotonic solutions- meaning, the nutrients are delivered efficiently and rapidly. There are no fillers or capsules, so the time and work necessary to absorb Isotonix nutraceuticals is greatly decreased. It’s the next best method only to an IV.  Maximum absorption, superior results.

Here’s a diagram of what I’m talking about with the absorption rate and why a person may feel the benefits rather quickly: 


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