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Hydrate– Dehydration is usually what causes headaches the following day because alcohol is a diuretic. Try to drink at least 1.5 liters or 3 pints of water a day.

Don’t Drink on an Empty Stomach– make sure to eat something before drinking; certain foods slow the rate of absorption of alcohol into the blood, such as breads, potatoes, healthy fats, yogurt. Try to eat a banana, celery or asparagus or drink some cranberry juice beforehand to help the kidneys, which are what process fluids and take on the bulk of the work of processing alcohol.

Take 100 mg Vitamin B (before, during & after)– you need to take multiple times because alcohol destroys the vitamin

Prepare for the Morning After– before leaving to go out, place a large 2 liter bottle of water by your bed & some fresh fruit or some coconut water to consume before sleeping


  • Avoid Sugary Drinks/Cocktails (lots of sugar amplifies hangovers)
  • Order glass of water with each drink
  • Order a spritzer- soda water mixed with desired alcohol
  • Choose lighter colored alcohols (vodka, gin, white wine) over darker ones (these are full of tannins which make you feel poorly the next day)
  • Avoid salty foods- these will make you want to consume more liquids
  • Drink slowly & finish with water


Re-hydrate your body because it’s depleted. The headache results from your body trying to pull water from the brain, causing a pull on the brain’s membranes.

Eat Fruit– It pumps antioxidants, vitamin C and natural sugars. The body needs the natural sugars from the fruit for the brain and central nervous system to properly function because glucose/sugar is the primary fuel. Fruit juices are also good, because they provide a sugar fructose, which helps the body burn alcohol faster.

Eat Eggs- eggs are great b/c they contain large amounts of cysteine. Cysteine breaks down & absorbs the toxin (acetaldehyde) that causes hangovers.

Eat Oatmeal– oatmeal settles the stomach & decreases acidity. It helps to stabilize blood sugar levels & absorb toxins. Serve it with some grapefruit or banana slices or some organic raw honey.

AVOID Greasy foods– Grease, oil & fat will churn in the stomach & take even longer to digest compared to absorbent nuts, oats & Fruits. Your body is already processing the alcohol consumed from the night before & depleted of vitamins & nutrients and greasy foods won’t help.

Eat Celery- excess alcohol will make stomach highly acidic, leading to nausea & upset. Celery is very alkaline & will balance the acidity of the stomach.

Exercise- Do some mild exercise (walk, laundry, clean the house) to help speed up the elimination of toxins.

Posted by Emy Breitenwischer, B.S. Nutrition & Food Science

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