Green Coffee Bean Extract

Fad…or Fab?


As many of you know, we love “experimenting” with products, supplements, foods and anything new that soars to popularity to see what the hype is all about. There are so many supplements that claim to be “healthy” and help you lose weight instantly…but do they really work?


We discovered the new buzz on today’s market is Green Coffee Bean Extract. What is it, you ask? They are coffee beans that have not been roasted. An unroasted coffee bean is green and contains a natural substance called Chlorogenic Acid, which seems to be the magical component responsible for weight loss. Apparently once the bean is roasted, it’s antioxidant levels increase, but the amount of Chlorogenic Acid decreases.


It seems that the bean was initially studied because of its positive effects on lowering blood pressure. In these initial studies, researchers found that subjects’ taking the bean for a period of time had a drop in their blood pressure AND lost weight, which spurred researchers to begin looking at the bean’s weight loss effects. Naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist, Lindsey Duncan, appeared on Dr. Oz’s show to positively promote this product. He stated that he doesn’t usually ever promote supplements; however, subjects had very positive results with this product according to a study published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal. Over a 12-week period, subjects did not change their eating habits or exercise routines (actually consumed about 2,400 calories/day & only burned about 400 calories/day, which should lead to weight gain) and each subject lost around 17 pounds over the 12-period, 16% body fat and experienced NO side effects.


So how does a green coffee bean melt away fat and help you lose weight?

Researchers say that the chlorogenic acid signals your liver to burn stored fat FIRST. It also slows the process of releasing glucose (sugar) into the bloodstream, which will decrease the amount of fat production-because excess sugar in the blood is stored as fat.


Sounds too good to be true? We thought so, and did a little investigating and found there is very little research available on the product itself. We also learned, the study mentioned above did have a few limitations; it was only a 12-week trial and the 16 subjects who participated were all overweight or obese. On a positive note, the bean did not look to pose any health concerns. So we decided to give it a try and went over to Whole Foods to buy a bottle. There were about 5 different brands to choose from ranging from $20 to $35. The product we purchased contained 800mg of green coffee extract per capsule and 50% chlorogenic acid. During our research, we found that when purchasing the product, it should contain at least 50% Chlorogenic Acid and 500mg of green coffee extract per capsule. Suggested use is to take 1 pill twice a day, about 30 minutes before each meal.


We did not change our diet, nor increase our physical activity. It’s only been about 3 weeks, but we’ve noticed a decrease in sugar cravings and feel a little leaner around the waistline. Since we’ve had no adverse affects, so far we think the Green Coffee bean is FAB.

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