Fall Foods & Tips to Increase Your Energy

by Lisa Breitenwischer, CHHC

Fall is the beginning of the yin cycle when daylight lasts less than 12 hours. We may find ourselves a little more serious and less carefree from the days of summer. It’s a time to begin more introspective indoor projects- it’s also a time when we may start feeling less active. To help keep your energy level up this season I’ve created a list of Energizing Fall Foods and Tips.

Long Sustaining Energy Foods:

Nuts & Seeds
Hemp & Chia seeds- contains omega 3’s (sprinkle on oatmeal, salads or add to your smoothie)
Almonds & Walnuts -(keep it at a serving of either 22 almonds or 14 walnuts)

Kale- (loaded w/magnesium, among other things, which is required for energy production, also very alkaline forming)
Brussels Sprouts
Sweet potato
*Tip: Combine 2, 3 or more veggies from veggie list and roast in oven at 400 degrees for 30-40 min. Remove from oven and drizzle with balsamic or champagne vinegar.

Oatmeal- (rich in omega 3’s, folate, potassium)
Quinoa- (essential amino acids; building blocks for protein)

Pomegranate- (higher antioxidant than red wine)
Dates- (eat sparingly unless extremely active)
Coconut Water- (replenishes body w/electrolytes)

Coconut- (loaded w/ medium chain fats that are a quick source of energy before or after activity)

Raw Organic Honey- (loaded w/ enzymes and anti microbial properties)
Cacao- (richest source of magnesium)

*Tip: If you’re looking for recipes that contain these energizing foods, check out our website, by clicking here.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine:
Eating cold raw foods, creates dampness and phlegm, which is produced by the spleen and stored in the lungs. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, cream & butter also create phlegm. So, if you are suffering from congestion avoid these foods and eat more garlic, onions, ginger, horse radish & mustard, which are beneficial to the lungs.

An article from Psychology Today, 19 Reasons to Exercise- From Neurons to Hormones written by Susan Krauss Ph.D., tells why your body needs exercise. In addition to reducing blood pressure and body fat, she writes that exercise boosts your energy as you’ve got more oxygen to fuel your body’s cells. Exercise also keeps bones strong and maintains immune functioning which protects you from infection and other chemical toxins. Click here to read the article.

If you are looking to change up your diet but not sure what to do, email Lisa to set up a Health Consultation today. The session is confidential and will give you the opportunity to discuss your goals and dreams for your health and wellbeing. Feel good and look great this holiday season!

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