Lisa’s wellness program has inspired me to be my best self in body, mind & spirit. The knowledge I’ve gained about different foods & the part they play within my body has been invaluable. I’ve discovered so many new foods and ways to help beat the 3:00 slump, as well as control my sugar cravings. Lisa is so supportive & encouraging and always leaves you with food for thought at the end of each session. If you are thinking about this wellness program…think no more. Your experiences will be lifelong lessons to carry with you along your journey.

I can’t say enough about the Infrared Sauna…what an amazing healing tool! I was first drawn to the sauna when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I found that I would feel so much better after sitting in the sauna and that I would get a much better night’s sleep. Then I had an accident, which required extensive surgery. I started sitting in the sauna the second week after surgery and I could tell an immediate difference in my pain tolerance and movement. Take some time out of the day just for you…spend some time in the infrared sauna…you can meditate, read or listen to music…relax & unwind. You will love it.

-Donna Rhoads