Lisa is a wonderful, nurturing, and very knowledgeable yoga instructor; she is one of the best in the metroplex.  I have always been very physically active, but over the past few years my eating habits had slipped into more bad habits than good. I was sick of being overweight and I had the opportunity to try Lisa’s accelerated 5 week nutritional counseling program.  I have never had one-on-one nutritional counseling so was not sure what to expect.  The sessions have been very helpful.  I’ve learned a lot about how my body and my mind react to food, exercise and stress from the food diary I kept during the sessions.  Lisa’s support, helpful suggestions and recipes helped me stick with my goals all while managing work, family, etc.
I’ve lost around 18 pounds in total and I am totally enjoying the food – healthy food can be yummy too!  I would recommend Lisa as a nutritional counselor for anyone trying to improve their health and fitness.  The accelerated program is perfect for active people who perhaps just need a short-term guide to healthy choices.

-Donna H.