Cosmic Consciousness – September

by Christine Clemmer

Welcome to Autumn!

This Thursday 9/22 is the Autumn Equinox, the powerful still point as the seasons shift from Summer to Fall, the Sun moves into Libra, and we are also gifted with the Mercury Station…all in the middle of this ginormous Virgo eclipse passage taking place until September 30. In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the sign of healing, wholing, alignment and integration, yielding purification of the heart and emotional wisdom. That’s exactly what this eclipse journey has been all about, an intense ride of clearing out the old historic debris and refining all of our emotional responses to the highest wisdom of the heart, bringing us holistically into a brand new alignment with our truth. As the Sun moves into Libra this week, we bring the truth of who we are, along with our newly refined emotional wisdom, into relationship with the world around us. In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the sign of physical power, relationships, and the mirrored self. Through the mirror, we come to the highest realization that “I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME”. There is no separation. In fact, this is the time for full empowerment in all relationships, to recognize that “I” have the power and responsibility to shift and elevate the quality of all relationships by my willingness to take care of my Self. If the world around is a reflection of my consciousness, then I can elevate my consciousness, thereby shifting the quality of my experience of everything around me. This is the true essence of physical power.

This season’s intense eclipse passage officially ends on September 30th with the new moon in Libra, delivering us with our newly integrated physical power to a brand new cycle and new beginning. You’re invited to participate in our upcoming Day of Cosmic Consciousness on Saturday October 1st for a deeper understanding of what this eclipse passage has manifested (individually and collectively) and the new potential available for the upcoming new chapter. Cosmic Consciousness is the new language of astrology and the language of Unity Consciousness. If you’re curious about the awakening consciousness on our planet, and want to learn how to navigate in the new paradigm, please join me and my amazing mentor/ teacher/ friend Stephanie Azaria ( and the cutting edge pioneer of Cosmic Consciousness and 5D astrology) for a truly powerful and unique experience.

For more information, please contact Christine Clemmer via website.

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