Cosmic Consciousness- October

by Christine Clemmer

Welcome to a brand new chapter and new terrain as we transition from September’s intense Virgo eclipse passage into Libra, moving towards the deep transformation and alchemy of Scorpio. October is a “10” vibration, which amplifies new beginnings, and every time we start again, mindfully connecting with the discipline of our practice, we create the foundation for mastery, which is the vibration of “11” and November. It’s important to be aware of where we’ve been and how we’re navigating the transitions so that we can harness the infinite potential that is available in every current moment now.

October 16th is an extremely powerful Full Moon in Aries, conjunct Eris and Uranus, and bridging Haumea. In Cosmic Consciousness, the Aries – Libra polarity is a very significant bridge. It’s the relationship axis where we experience the connection between mind and body. This is where we practice relationships: with our own thoughts, our bodies, each other, and events around us. Eris and Uranus are the great awakeners, the yin and yang energies that shake us out of our automatic pilot status quo and force us to navigate with authenticity and awareness, in alignment with our truth. Awakening moments are usually uncomfortable and unexpected, and require a letting go of all that we’ve ever known or held onto for comfort or convenience. Aries is the part of our consciousness that is mental power, where we access the mental discipline to think loving thoughts, unconditionally. Science is proving more and more that our thoughts become our biology, and as we realize that we are actually choosing our thoughts moment to moment, we can empower ourselves to be disciplined about what we’re choosing. When we change our thoughts, we challenge our historic beliefs…which unravels the current physical expression and liberates us to experience new physical possibilities. Libra is the part of our consciousness that is physical power, it’s where we see the reflection of our own consciousness through our relationships with the physical world around us. We can’t change the world, we can only awaken and evolve ourselves…and when we do, evolution and transformation occurs around us. The outer world is our reflection. Anything is possible, the only limitations are the ones we perceive in our own minds. Love is the most powerful frequency of energy available in our universe, it’s been scientifically calibrated and measured, most notably by Einstein. When our thoughts are rooted in love, vibrating and resonating as the frequency of love, we become the living spark of creation, and our physical bodies reflect the manifestation of that.

The Full Moon this month invites us all to wake up to the potential and the power that we all have access to within our own minds, the power to love ourselves unconditionally, thereby shifting the consciousness of our bodies and our planet. As we practice unconditionally loving ourselves within our own minds, we experience the beautiful wholeness that we are One and we are Love.

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