Cosmic Consciousness – November

by Christine Clemmer

Welcome to the month of November, the season of transformation, thanksgiving, and unity. Everything in our world is changing right now, most significantly with the current election in the US, and we’re also experiencing very intense personal and collective transition and redesign. As we (and the world) are shapeshifting through the alchemical energies of Scorpio, it’s important to remember that the highest alchemical agents are love and gratitude. No matter what is occurring around us at any given moment, when we consciously connect with gratitude and unconditional love, we gain positive frequency, clarity, and power to manifest our highest vision.

The New Moon on October 30 was in Scorpio, and we deeply planted seeds for holistic transformation and growth to take root this month. On Monday November 14, the Super Full Moon in Taurus illuminates the new landscape in which we’ve planted ourselves, and we begin to expand through our presence in contribution to the environment and to All. The focus is to become masterful at loving with the mind, using our inner obedience to choose the loving thoughts that align with our deepest intentions, and to nourish those intentions with every thought, thereby manifesting a brand new reality. We’re watering our seeds with mental Love, and trusting those seeds will grow according to their divine blueprint. Just like we recognize the seed of potential we each are in this world, encoded with a specific intention and blueprint, watered with Love, and awaiting our full bloom expression and manifestation in the new chapter ahead.

Also on Monday the 14th, a multidimensional super bridge opens between the Moon’s Nodes, Neptune and Orcus. The Nodes represent what used to be experienced in 3D as the polarization of our karma and dharma, the extreme conflict between our historic conditioning that created challenge and discomfort, vs our spiritual liberation and expansion through this lifetime. In Cosmic Consciousness, we recognize that there is no separation, no such thing as duality or polarization, only unity and wholeness. Our karma (the door we enter this incarnation through) is the very thing that leads to and influences our dharma (the door our soul exits at the end of our evolution), and our dharma ultimately transcends and calls upon our karma. There is no separation. All points are accessible and available, always.

Neptune is the confusion that clears as the fog lifts and we experience a new enlightened perspective, and Orcus is the gatekeeper that ushers us back to Source, back to the invisible realm where our soul’s energy is eternal and awake, beyond death and rebirth. These 4 major archetypes form a bridge with each other, a super bridge of higher consciousness, that gives us access to higher ground and the New Earth. We must be awake and aligned within ourselves to even notice the bridge, and the daily practice of love and gratitude supports in our holistic integration and alignment.

This entire fall season is an intense period of change and rebirth as we clean up the loose ends of the last 9 years and prepare to start a fresh new cycle in 2017, a “1” vibration of new beginnings and fresh innovative potential. The more we can allow and trust as the pieces fall into place (or get swept away beyond our control), the more focused and open we will be as we embark on the new journey ahead. Remember to pause each day and connect with the grace of each moment and every lesson, as this moment delivers us to the new vision that is calling us forth.

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