Cosmic Consciousness- May

by Christine Clemmer

We’ve been deep in the roots of Taurus energy for the first half of May, about to expand into Gemini’s multi faceted brilliance.   The month of May carries a “5” energy vibration, which is all about magic, infinite realms and possibilities, communications, change, and transformation.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini is the brilliant multi faceted diamond.   What once used to be the “twin” representing duality, now is expressed as a kaleidoscope of light reflected from the purest, most refined prism of a polished diamond.  An air sign, Gemini also represents mental wisdom, and is ruled by Mercury, known as The Messenger and the new Divine Masculine archetype.

Mercury has been traveling retrograde for all of May, and quite interestingly, stations to go direct just as the Sun moves into Gemini, which means Mercury will be all lit up by the Sun, and ready to move foreword into a brand new chapter.    Mercury is the higher communications behind our internal operating system, the sophisticated intuitive communication between our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.  Every cell contains the high speed wiring for communications within the self and within the collective.  The Sun brings our higher consciousness to the new potential for communications, and anything is possible.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on Saturday May 21.   This particular full moon is quite powerful in that it activates the mind/body bridge of Gemini/Sagittarius, otherwise known as Mental Wisdom and Physical Wisdom.   As two sides of the same thread, our bodies are the mirrors of our higher mental operating system.   As Mercury stations from his retrograde joinery, bringing new frequencies of consciousness, our physical bodies are recalibrated to match that elevation in frequency.   A pure mind yields a pure body, and the more we clear our mental body from old limiting beliefs, conversations, and paradigms, the more our physical body is free to be transmuted and resurrected through the alchemy of Love, manifesting infinite possibilities.

All of this is leading the way and setting the stage of the HUGE events on June 8th, the 1st of 3 Eris/Uranus conjunctions, awakening a whole new cycle in human consciousness.  Stay tuned!

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