Cosmic Consciousness- March

“Infinite Potential” by Christine Clemmer

Welcome to March!  And this particular Spring will be unlike any other we’ve ever experienced before!

March is a 3 month, which contains the vibrational energy of manifestation, and we’re currently in the Pisces realm, aka the vast infinite ocean of unlimited possibilities, where beauty, creativity, and universal Love flow freely and abundantly, without limits or conditions.  This is always our theme heading towards the Spring Equinox, however this particular 2016 Spring is profoundly highlighted by the New Moon/ Solar Eclipse on 3/8 and the Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse on 3/23.  The space between 2 important eclipse events is referred to as a Worm Hole passage, another portal of infinite possibility and unlimited potential.  The fact that this is occurring while we’re currently within the vast infinite Pisces ocean is HUGE!  We’re in for an extra dimension of full on manifestation, and the theme is ANYTHING GOES!   The Worm Hole officially opens on 3/8 and closes on 4/8 with the next New Moon in Aries.

What makes this passage of time even more spectacular and specific is that the Moons Nodes (which represent the polarity of the individual karmic circumstances that we’re predisposed with and our dharmic path that our soul evolves towards) are currently in the Virgo/Pisces axis, in an exact bridge with Chiron and Jupiter.  What this means in simple terms is this:  any chronic or karmic health issues, recurring themes, or lingering patterns of emotional wounds, limiting beliefs, or sabotaging behaviors are up for clearing…and not just to erase the pattern, but to allow that pattern to become the very portal of personal mastery, unlocking your soul’s highest potential for conscious evolution and holistic transformation.   When we focus on trying to eliminate or get rid of what we don’t want or don’t like about our selves or our past, we create inner resistance, which creates an environment of inflammation, congestion, conflict, and even more pain…or we create a disconnect, fragmenting ourselves from ourselves.  When we embrace our Selves fully, through our wholeness, we are empowered, and that empowerment expands our energy, releasing our infinite potential to manifest and create the life we truly came to live.

In a highly activated and super charged environment where Anything Goes, remember to be open to Love and let go of any fear, worry, doubt, or anxiety.  What you focus on will expand, so let go of any judgments, negative self talk, or limiting beliefs, and allow yourself to be opened by the abundance and beauty that inherently flow through our universe.   Allow yourself to be nourished with possibility this month, and offer up any unresolved wounds from the past to be healed, and “wholed” during this profoundly magical and sacred time.  Take a few moments each day to breathe and meditate, and scan your body to see where any areas of physical tension or resistance might be.  Remember, in the infinite realm, energy is meant to flow freely, to open to receive abundance, so allow the physical body to soften, let go, and open through any discomfort.  The more fluid-like we become, the more we can “go with the flow” of the universe and our higher self!  Water doesn’t limit it’s flow, it doesn’t stand in it’s own way…it surrenders to the Earth and moves with grace and ease towards the open spaces.

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