Cosmic Consciousness: July

by Christine Clemmer

Welcome to July!  Like fireworks brilliantly lighting up the night sky, so are we, awakening to the light that we are, expanding ourselves into what once was dark, unfamiliar or unknown.

So much is occurring this month, notably Mars has stationed from his intense retrograde journey and all things physical are about to start moving forward in their newly upgraded structure.  We’ve been in a massive reconstruction phase since February, and it’s time to unveil the progress and integrate.  Chiron is now retrograde, and we move from the divine feminine nourishing, receptive “6” vibration of June to the esoteric, hidden realms of spirituality in the “7” vibration of July.  Our willingness to open our hearts through the experiences and events of June sets us up for deep spiritual insight, higher perspectives and expansion of consciousness in July.

We are in Cancer for most of July, the sign of nurturing loving abundant Mother Earth, the core root system of our hearts and our emotional body.  This is especially important as Chiron moves retrograde.   Chiron is the wounded healer who evolves into the Master Healer Teacher.   Our deepest core wounds are the entry point into our highest wisdom and personal mastery that we offer up to the world, and it matters that we hold a space of compassion, unconditional love, and acceptance as we dive deep into those wounds.   There is nothing to fear, and certainly nothing to judge…the focus is on surrendering and allowing ourselves to awaken to wholeness, however that path unravels.

Please join us on Saturday July 9th for a very special Heart Chakra workshop, calibration/healing, and Trance Dance ritual.   The heart chakra is the gateway of our ability to channel and embody Love, and as we ground ourselves in our heart space, we begin to clear and release any fears, restrictions, or blockages that have ever caused the illusion of separation consciousness.

This is the perfect time to heal, release, and restore while accessing the hidden meaning and higher  wisdom behind every heartache.

Love is the language of the New Earth, and our hearts are ready to upgrade and expand our capacity to channel and communicate the frequency of Love!

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