Cosmic Consciousness for August

by Christine Clemmer

We’re in the heat of the summer, and things are definitely getting intense! Currently in the powerful “8” vibration of August, the themes are transformation, power, abundance, and the infinite capacity to recycle and sustain energy. The number 8 is an infinity loop, and the deeper we allow ourselves to dig down underground, unearthing our shadow energy, the higher our consciousness can elevate in the light. As above, so below, and our wholeness is both eternal and infinitely changing.

Saturn has stationed at 9 Sagittarius, and Mars is approaching that same degree for a powerful conjunction (new cycle) on August 24th, at which point Mars will be traveling out of bounds in uncharted territory. In Cosmic Consciousness, Saturn represents our personal authority and authentic leadership which adds definition and clarity to our personal power. Mars is the ruler of our physical body and all things physical, including structures and organizations. Physical presence gives definition to the unlimited potential of all things, and what’s fascinating to remember is that 99% of the physical dimension is empty space! When our personal power and authority begin a brand new cycle with our physicality, and when we connect to the potential that exists in that 99% empty space, we can truly begin to tap into the limitless creative possibilities for transformation!

Sagittarius is the sign that represents the quality of consciousness of physical wisdom where we clear the karmic residue, drop the story of circumstantial limitations, and wipe the slate clean. In that clean empty space, we can truly begin again, merged with our higher consciousness and inspired by spirit. We are not bound to anything physical, however the physical reflects and reveals our current attachments, beliefs, and karmic patterns that keep us stuck. This is truly an exciting time to liberate ourselves from suffering and consciously choose to elevate ourselves to higher ground.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on Thurs 8/18 opens a doorway into the upcoming eclipse passages this fall, as Aquarius energy is always ahead of the curve, ushering in the new consciousness and awakening humanity. Collectively, humanity is already in a massive shift of awakening, and the eclipse wormhole passage in the fall (beginning with Virgo energy) will prompt individual holistic healing, integration, and alignment of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Integration requires that one is awake, responsible, and willing to examine all aspects of Self, the shadow and the light. We’re calling ourselves forth, and as we do, we’re stepping up to our potential collectively on the planet. What an exciting time to be alive!

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