Cosmic Consciousness – April

What an intense Spring so far!  If you’re a fan of spring clearing, get ready for a whole new level of purging the old to make space for the NOW!  Mars is officially retrograde, along with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and soon to be Mercury.  The big theme right now is physical transformation, resurrection, and life altering metamorphosis.  Everything is ripe with potential as we deconstruct old structures and foundations, and manifest with the highest vision (and highest vibration) of our soul’s consciousness.   Nothing physical is what it seems, everything contains the potential for limitless possibility, and now is the time to access the courage to let go of whatever has been standing in the way, in order to step boldly forward, allowing the new (now) to fully emerge.  Love is the agent of alchemy, the most powerful force of energy in the universe, and when we infuse Love into anything physical, we awaken sacredness and witness the infinite connection to everything and everyone.

The Sun is now in Taurus, which in Cosmic Consciousness is the sign of mental Love, representing the powerful presence of a tree, deeply rooted, stable and connected.  The more we consciously think loving thoughts, and shift our innermost attitudes and beliefs to a higher frequency of Love and possibility, the more we root that consciousness into the depths of our physicality…into our bodies at the cellular level, and into the Earth.  As we ground our new consciousness into the physical, the result is physical transmutation.  The frequency of Love has the power to heal, unify, whole, and restore balance and peace.

Friday 4/22 is a very profound Full Moon in Scorpio, (in Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio is the sign of physical Love and alchemy) shining brightly on a very powerful weekend of heart awakening as Venus conjuncts Uranus on Friday 4/22 and Eris on Sunday 4/24.   Uranus and Eris are the 2 great archetypes of awakening, male and female, outer and inner.  Uranus provides unexpected events that trigger the heart like a bolt of lightning, and Eris is the inner disruption and discord of deep core energy that needs to erupt in order to clear, much like a volcano or earthquake.   In such an intense period of transformation, the old needs to clear, willingly or unwillingly, in order to free up the space for new creation and new possibilities.   Think of all the ways you’ve ever suppressed, withheld, or denied your heart’s deepest truth and inner most light…that energy can’t be denied or restrained any longer.   Any old barriers, limits, or restrictions (self imposed or otherwise) are literally unearthing now, allowing us the freedom and the space to boldly step forward.  Chaos precedes transformation, and the most life altering breakthroughs often occur in moments of dramatic radical change.   Stay calm, keep breathing, and let go.  Allow the change to occur within and without… it’s manifesting the path to higher ground.

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