Cleanse Your Way to Healthy Eating eBook


Cleanse Your Way to Healthy Eating Ebook Guide – $4.99

Bring balance to your body after indulging in food or drink this holiday season with our helpful tips and delicious, cleansing recipes. Incorporating some of these foods into your diet will help you eliminate toxins, gain more energy and potentially shed a few pounds.  My “Cleanse Your Way To Healthy Eating” eBook Guide is a 7-day step by step cleanse that includes 26 delicious, nourishing recipes and healthy tips designed to naturally rid toxins from your body and get you on the path to healthy eating. This phased approach to cleansing will have you adding specific food groups to your diet each day so you’ll never be hungry.

Potential results from this cleanse may include a decrease in inflammation, weight lose, and increased energy. (As with any cleanse, you may want to consult your doctor or naturopath before you begin). *Please purchase eBook on a desktop computer- not an Ipad, so eBook properly downloads.


“Before this cleanse I felt heavy, bogged down & tired…AFTER I felt energized, light, balanced & centered. This cleanse changed my life, truly.” – LS

“After the cleanse, I felt much healthier, I have more energy, & I lost 7 pounds!” – AR

“I never found myself hungry or feeling deprived…this regimen was easy to follow.” – AR

“I highly recommend this cleanse, I feel like a new person and I’m now aware of what I’m eating.” – LG

Cleanse Your Way to Healthy Eating eBook