Our Approach

BalancingEnergy Health & Yoga Center is a company that provides a variety of holistic services to support and encourage optimal health and well-being. We take an integrative approach in helping people become more aware of their actions and how these events may have an affect on their body and their mind. Whether an individual chooses Yoga, Infrared Sauna Sessions, a Nutrition Program or a combination of all, they will be able to find balance to renew, restore, and discover they have the ability to better every aspect of their life. The holistic nutritional counseling is extremely successful for those who are ready for a positive lifestyle change. The program is successful because it is completely individualized for each client based on his or her physical, mental, social, and nutritional background. We don’t have faith in “fad diets” because they aren’t something a person can follow and enjoy doing for the rest of their life. Instead, we empower people to make small changes that eventually change their life, forever. Our company’s mission is to serve the community by providing alternative healing services, that will bring balance to body, mind, and spirit. All of our yoga classes focus on the breathe first and the poses second, as the breathe is what keeps us calm and present, on or off the mat. In addition, the studio has three private, spa like, infrared sauna rooms to relieve stress, detox the body, to get you back into balance.