A Few of My Favorite Spring Detox Foods

Spring is a great time to cleanse, but do we really know what foods to eat for optimal detoxification? I’ve complied a list including a few of my favorite spring Detox foods that you can incorporate into your daily meals:

Cilantro: studies have shown it can help detoxify metals from the body by binding to the metals in the bloodstream and then accelerate excretion; can improve digestions, liver health and fight free radicals

Parsley: natural diuretic that helps eliminate salt that has built up in the kidneys, flushing out built up mercury, lead, and toxins; high chlorophyll content, which purifies the blood; high iron & vitamin c a

Radishes: rich in fiber, relieve bloating/indigestion and prevent constipation; purge toxins from liver, gallbladder, stomach & color; excellent source of potassium, which acts as a natural diuretic; a cooling food, decreasing excess heat in the body; high water content

Cabbage: about 92% water, which can help flush toxins from the body; very rich in fiber, filling and good for digestive problems and constipation by cleansing the digestive tract; strengthens liver’s ability to detoxify; high vitamin c and sulphur, purifies blood

Greens: contain chlorophyll, which rids the body of toxins, purifies the blood and increases oxygen content (examples: broccoli, cucumbers, sprouts, kale, chard, dandelion greens, watercress, arugula)

Beets: great source of vitamin B, C and beta-carotene, magnesium, calcium and iron; wonderful blood purifier and liver cleanser; natural energizer

Celery: blood cleanser; anti-inflammatory; helps balance pH balance in body

Lemons: contain high amounts of vitamin c, which is used to make glutathione (a substance that helps the liver detoxify harmful chemicals); lemon in water can help alkalize the body and aid with digestion.

Posted by Emy Breitenwischer, BS Nutrition and Food Science

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